If there is a bag that truly deserves to be called a classic it is without doubt the wonderful Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Simple yet timelessly stylish, there is no other range of bags that evokes class and style like this. Now you can have your own Chanel Flap Bag dupes at a great price.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Dupes

Affordable Chanel Flap Bag Dupes

One of the most revered fashion and accessory designers of all time, Coco Chanel has perhaps influenced more imitators than any other. The Classic Chanel Flap Bag – from the original 2.55 edition which made its debut in 1955 and for the first time made a shoulder-carried bag an acceptable look for women through many reissues – remains one of her most influential items. Simple and stylish, it is a staple of every classy wardrobe. 

Chanel Inspired Classic Leather Flap Bag $109 HERE

Chanel Double Flap Bag Dupes

Dupe Chanel Flap Medium Bag Lambskin Camellia Black $105 HERE

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Look-Alike Chanel Flap Small Lambskin Black $105 HERE

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Wonderful Chanel Classic Flap Dupe

As with all designer handbags and shoulder bags there is a price to pay for a genuine Chanel Flap Bag. That’s what we expect with iconic designs made to a high quality such as this. But there is away you can afford a Chanel look-alike bag without having to pay in excess of $3000 for a small version, or upwards of $6000 for the maxi version. These Chanel Classic Flap Bag Dupes are absolutely top quality and finished to a notably high standard.

Chanel Inspired Flap Medium Grain Leather Blue $105 HERE

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Chanel Alternative Flap Medium Grain Leather Burgundy $105 HERE

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Knockoff Chanel Flap Bag Grey $105 HERE

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Chic Alternatives To The Chanel Flap Bags

As with the original the Chanel Inspired Bags are available in many different sizes. Whether you want the mini version to use as a clutch bag or the maxi version for carrying on the shoulder in the same pioneering style as women who bucked the trend back in 1955 there is a model for you. Detail goes right through from the traditional diamond texture finish to the gold and metal fittings, with a clasp that offers a firm closure of the interior compartment.

Fake Chanel Flap Medium Grain Leather Pink $105 HERE

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Designer Inspired Chanel Flap Small Lambskin Black $99 HERE

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Chanel Like Bag Red $99 HERE

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Chanel-Inspired Lookalike Bags With Wide Choice Of Colours

This excellent range of Chanel inspired bags can be yours in a wide choice of colors, just as with the genuine article. Yet, it will take an expert to tell these apart from the real thing. Choose from traditional black, beautifully rendered with gold fittings, or sleek and stylish white. In between you’ll find a choice of red and pink, blue and green, and a series of neutral beige, brown and similar, each finished to the same high standard, and everyone a desirable and beautiful Chanel dupe.

Chanel Vegan Leather Large Bag Black $52 HERE

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Fake Chanel Flap Bag Leather Caviar Red $105 HERE

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Chanel Copy Bag In Faux Leather Beige $43 HERE

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Designer Inspired Chanel Bag $43 HERE

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Affordable High Street Chanel Alternatives , Look-Alikes And Dupes

Everyone is catered for with this simply adorable collection of Chanel dupe bags, with a choice of bags in either top quality leather or a vegan-friendly imitation variety. Each is a wonderful as the other, and all are finished with attention to detail that is quite astounding when we consider the price. Remember we mentioned the smallest version of the Chanel Flap Bag would cost you at least $3000? For the top quality, superbly rendered and magnificently usable Chanel dupe lookalike you’ll pay a mere $49 for the faux-leather version, and $79 for that made from the best quality leather. It doesn’t get much better than this, so why not check out the full range now for all your options?

Designer Dupe Chanel Leather Bag $105 HERE

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Faux Chanel Leather Bag $105 HERE

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Bag Like Chanel Classic $105 HERE

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