One of the world’s most renowned fashion houses, Chanel started up in 1910 seaming clothes then branched out into perfumery, cosmetics and in 1955 we encountered the very first Chanel handbag.

From the iconic little black dress to No5 perfume there is really an endless collection of desirable products within Chanel’s portfolio.

Unlike other brands, Chanel doesn’t just stick with one classic or iconic piece. For example, for Hermes it’s the Birkin bag and for Louis Vuitton it’s the Neverfull, however, when it comes to Chanel there are three highly sought-after handbag designs. Hence, the market for Dupe’s is like no other when it comes to Chanel Bag Dupes. Here, are three key designs to look out for when searching for your dream designer looking handbag.

Chanel 2.55

The Chanel 2.55 or the flap bag was the very first handbag designed by the brand. The 2.55 Dupe’s offer the same great appearance and feel as the real bag for only a fraction of the price.

The main draw to this bag is the luxurious quilted texture of the leather, which the Dupe’s show off well creating a strong, shiny and attractive leather finish. In the middle of the bag, you’ll find the clasp to secure it shut displayed in the classic metal which is used on the original version.

The Flap Bag is available in a Chanel look-a-like Bags version starting from $100 which appears almost identical to the real deal. Also, they are offered in a variety of colors from the iconic black to blue, and pink so you can have a different bag to go with the current season.

Chanel Bag Dupes

The Classic Chanel

A new take on the original 2.55, in 1983 the brand decided to bring out a new style of bag that revolutionized the traditional flap bag.

Dupe’s are created with all the original concepts and unique features of the real handbag. The designers ensure the bags have a double clasp, encompass a shiny, luxurious quilted material – including leather and a range of other materials.

What’s more, the Dupe’s utilise a similar looking chain which is now a must have feature for any Chanel bag. The Dupe’s offer the chains in both silver and gold which go all around the bag strap and something drift onto the bags itself. This does make the Dupe’s sightly heavier in weight which gives the same feel as a real Classic Chanel.

Once again, the Classic Chanel Dupe can be purchased from $100 which is a great saving when you are getting the same great looking handbag.

Chanel classic flap bags and Chanel Boy Bags

Chanel Boy

Drawing inspiration from the 2.55 and Classic styles, this bag includes all of the core features you would associate with any Chanel handbag.

The Boy Dupe offers a bag with a longer shoulder strap, flap bag style, with a clasp at the bottom centre to secure this shut. Finally, the Dupe’s replicate the desirable chains, which on the Boy Bags are incorporated into the shoulder strap.

Using fine leather materials, the Dupe is a fantastic and more affordable alternative to an original Boy Dupe including all the iconic features, available in a range of classic colours to best suit the current season or style.

In other words, if you have always dreamed of owning a fabulous looing Chanel handbag, but are hesitant of the price tag. There are a range od Dupe Chanel bags available which incorporate the same design features and really look like the real handbag.

The best chanel flap bag dupes - Amazing Dupes

The Best Chanel Dupes and Chanel Inspired Bags

Chanel look-a-like Bags

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Chanel Flap Bag Black

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Chanel Non Designer Bag

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Chanel Boy Bag Black

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Chanel Boy Bag Red

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Grey Chanel Boy Bag

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The best chanel boy bag dupes - Amazing Dupes
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