As one of the longest-reigning items by Gucci, the classic CG belt is considered a statement accessory in the fashion world. First introduced by the brand in 1921, the legacy continues to this day, styled by celebrities across the globe.

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The GG belt has a remarkable presence and essence of desirability amongst fashionistas. The subtlety and elegance of the Gucci belt dupe is what makes it highly sought-after almost 100 years after its introduction. Little changes have been made to the design over the years, making this the statement piece of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

The Ring Belt

Ring belt

The Double O Belt

Double ring belt

The Double Ring Belt

Double O

The Gucci Belt dupe for women comes in a variety of styles, the most iconic being the double G belt. Further styles include a horsebit, lion head to interlocking GG buckles. It is fair to stay, the design of the belt buckle is the most important feature of the accessory. Prices for this piece are undoubtedly at the high end of an accessories price tag. Starting from $350 ranging up to $1,400 for their signature belt.

The GG Belt

GG Belt

The Fake Gucci Belt

If you simply love the Gucci belts for women for their great design, and statement looks, then discover the range of Gucci belt dupes. Dupes differ from fake Gucci belts, as they have a seamlessly similar design, with meticulous attention to detail to capture the same style features. All of this, without fully replicating the logo or the overall piece. 

With an ever-growing range of fake Gucci belts across the internet, the dupe versions are the best on the market. Crafted using high-quality materials and offer the same great style for a fraction of the price. 

Fake Gucci Belt $6 HERE

CG Belt

GG Belt $12 HERE

CC Belt

The Double Ring Belt $7 HERE

Double ring belt

The Double O Belt $7 HERE

Fake designer belt

The Double Buckle Belt $7 HERE

O Ring belt

From the horsebit, interlocking G, lion head, and double G buckles, there is a belt that is right for you. The classic black gg belt is made using PU leather and the buckle crafted using gold hardware. The combination of fine materials makes the accessory a long-lasting, statement piece for your wardrobe. Offering a shiny finish to the leather and buckle, this Gucci belt dupe is a must-have this season and into 2021. Starting from only $6 and available in a range of colors from white, tan, brown, and even belts to replicate the web on the real Gucci belts. 

The Bottega Veneta Triangle Belt

Bottega Veneta Triangle Buckle Skinny Belt Dupe $8 HERE

Bottega Veneta Triangle Belt

Bottega Veneta Triangle Buckle Skinny Belt Dupe $8 HERE

Triangle logo belt

Bottega Veneta Triangle Belt Dupe $8 HERE

Bottega Veneta Belt Dupe

What is more, the dupe Gucci belt market offers many more pieces of this renowned accessory. For Gucci’s other signature design, the horse bit, the fake dupe additions have been created in a way to mimic the original items. Colors range from red, orange, blue, black to many more and are made using the best quality materials for one durable accessory. 

The Bottega Veneta Horseshoe Belts

Bottega Veneta Horseshoe Belt Dupe $8 HERE

Horseshoe belt

Bottega Veneta Horseshoe Buckle Belt Dupe $12 HERE

Horseshoe Buckle Belt

The Gucci dupe belts are wearable in the same way as the real women’s collections of belts. They can be styled with jeans, dresses, skirts and trousers. As the dupe version are so cheap for the quality and style, you can have a range of different fake Gucci belts to inter-change them throughout the seasons or to wear with different outfits. 

With more styles coming available soon, if you having the fake Gucci belt vs real debate, then why not opt for the dupe accessories. Made using high-quality materials and carefully crafted to a similar design as the real belt. The dupe pieces are an essential statement for your wardrobe.

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