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In 2001, Spanish-originated fashion brand Balenciaga, introduced the fashion world to their now iconic Motorcycle bag. Styled by the most renowned models of the time, including Kate Moss, this accessory quickly transformed into the IT bag of the century. 

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The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag is the accessory of the millennial generation. This statement piece has been purchased by many in this age group have. Shortly after the brand brought out the City Bag. Often confused, the Balenciaga City Bag is a similar design to the original Motorcycle bag, however, the core difference is the size. Using the same iconic features, the City line offers a more spacious accessory. Ultimately, this is great for those wanting to carry more than basic essentials. Hence, the city bag by Balenciaga is a bigger version enabling women to use this item on a casual and professional basis.

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Prices for Balenciaga handbags have seen a rise over the years due to the sheer popularity and their new lines selling out. Even for a Balenciaga mini city bag, anyone could be looking at the luxury label price starting from $1,650. Although these pieces are a must-have, this is a hefty price tag! Our research has found a line of Affordable bag dupes of Balenciaga handbags that offer the same great design, quality at a much more affordable price ranging from $49 – $159. 

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The key difference between a fake Balenciaga and a dupe piece is the label. The dupe pieces omit the branding yet take the same great shape, look, quality, and feel of the real version. Whist the fake Balenciaga pieces include the branding, they often lack certain iconic design features which are found on the dupes.  

The Route 66 Bags

The Route 66 collection encompasses their range of mini city, motorcycle and classic city pieces. The mini city piece is made using high quality faux leather to replicate the calf skin. The item comes with a removable strap and includes the same zipped pockets inside. This allows your to keep your phone and make-up securely in your bag. Available in a range of colors from classic black to blue, green and neutral tones all finished with shiny croc. 

To further add to this range, the Balenciaga mini city bag is designed in a similar way to the luxury item that is using high-quality leather to mimic the feel of the calf and lamb skin used on the iconic pieces, the bag has a soft and luxurious feel. 

All the zips are made using silver hardware to provide the same great look and finish to the original piece. What is more, pockets, straps, and other notable features are included in the Balenciaga bag dupes. The dupe alternative to the Balenciaga Mini city bag is available in two sizes and in a range of colors from green, pink, blue to black. All in all, this is a truly brilliant piece for you to show off at the office or with friends. 

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