Impress Everyone With The Birkin Exotic Skin Dupe Bags

Back in 1983, Hermès revolutionized the leather goods industry by introducing the world to the rarity of the Birkin Handbag. Since then, this luxurious brand has designed and crafted exquisite collections of the original Birkin which have adapted to the fashion currency of the time.

One of the most sought-after handbags, the Hermès Bag Dupes Exotic Skin, uses four different types of animal skin to produce the finest leather goods in the world. Although beautiful, chic, and highly desirable, this range of handbags are almost impossible to get your hands on. For a chance to own your dream bag, you may have to join a year-long waiting list and that’s before considering the sheer cost of the Hermès piece itself which can be in excess of 6 figures!

Baginc Hermes Birkin Bag Dupes

If you have an eye for design, owning one of these bags will be on your agenda. However, the luxury price tag is out of reach for the vast majority of us. For this reason, we have searched all online stores to find the best Hermès Birkin exotic skin dupe handbag. Mimicking the design and same great quality Hermes Birkin Exotic Skin Dupe Bags are the next best alternative for purchasing the much-loved Hermès Birkin Exotic Skin bag. All of this for a small percentage of the actual price.


Baginc Hermes Birkin Dupes

The Dupe Hermès Crocodile Birkin is a must have if you simple adore the crocodile finish on your handbag. The original piece comes in two types of crocodile skin; the Porous and Niloticus, sourced from fresh and salt waters. Each Birkin crocodile skin has different distinctive finishing features

The Dupe handbags use luxury calf leather to create the same croc finish. The artisans of the dupe alternative polish the leather to create the same matte or shiny finish. This step makes the dupes look more like the original Hermès Crocodile Birkin.

Available in two different styles, with the crocodile finish on only the flap of the handbag or across the entire body. The closure is much like the Birkin style with a padlock to secure the piece shut. From croc green to black to pink, the dupes come in an array of colors. The ranges are a shiny or matte finish so you can purchase your preferred style to use at the office or for days out with your family. From only $139, these Crocodile Birkin dupes are a bargain for such an iconic design.


Known as the only bird skin to feature in leather goods, the Hermès Exotic Skin Ostrich is high up on the must have handbags of all time. As an alternative, the Dupe Birkin creates the iconic finish using actual Ostrich Leather!

That’s right, the recognizable follicles are displayed in the exact same way on the dupe using the high- quality Ostrich Leather. With this dupe, you are not only getting the same design, but also the same feel as the luxury piece, for only $139 this is an essential for any female’s handbag collection.

From pastel pink to darker colors for this Winter season, these dupes are a fabulous Christmas treat for yourself to show off at the office party!


A Lizard Skin Birkin is the final animal skin within the Hermès Birkin Exotic Skin selection, the most subtle yet still desirable pieces.

The Hermes Birkin Exotic Lizard is created using fine grain leather to provide the same finish, style and feel to the handbag.

Just like the original, the clasp is silverstone hardware with a padlock to close the handbag. This is really a must have piece to complete an everyday look in your wardrobe. In a variety of sizes from 10”-14” this day can be used for daily outings or taken to the office to carry a small work laptop. With both a handle and shoulder strap there are multiple ways to carry the Hermès Lizard Birkin Dupe bag. Staring from $119 and available in an array of colors, the Lizard Skin Birkin alternative dupe is something you need to get your hands on to achieve the same great style as the classic Birkin.

Birkin Bag Dupes