Whether you are looking for a designer alternative bag to use day in day out, a work handbag or a new accessory for an evening out, you can never go wrong with the classic black bag dupes from Baginc! Not only are they practical, but the color also goes with almost any outfit.

The Perfect Black Bag Dupes From Baginc

Did we forget to mention that a black accessory can you through every season? Looking deep into fashion history, we have seen many great black such as the Chanel Flap Bag, Bottega Veneta to a Birkin look alike bag. This great design continues today in both luxury and high-street brands. However, many of us desire the luxury label pieces!

If you simply love great quality, luxury look-a-like accessories, then you have come to the right place. We have put together an exclusive guide to dupe black handbags from Baginc so you can choose the right accessory for you! 

Black Celine Luggage Dupes

If you are searching for a small and sophisticated black handbag to use for shopping around town or for an evening out then consider the Celine Luggage Bag in black. This mini black dupe is a must-have accessory for your wardrobe. Perfectly replicating the original Celine piece, this dupe alternative is designed to offer the very best of style and luxury to complete your outfit! 


Vanessa Mini Tote In Smooth Leather Black $89

Celine Black Luggage Dupe


Vanessa Medium Tote In Fluorescent Leather Black $119

Celine Black Luggage Look Alike


Whitney Croc Leather Tote Black $129

Celine Black Luggage Alternative

Black Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Alternatives

Eye-catching, glossy and slick designs are the three core components of this black dupe designer handbag. The Dupe Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette is a highly desirable bag for an evening out with your friends. This bag will enable you to take a basic outfit and use your accessories to lift your clothing! Moreover, the classic Bottega Veneta design, makes this handbag that little extra desirable. 


Mia Plaid Square Leather Shoulder Bag Black $99

Black Bottega Cassette Dupe from Baginc


Mia Vegan Leather Chain Shoulder Bag Black $59

Bottega Cassette Alternatives from Baginc


Mia Mini Leather Belt Shoulder Bag Black $79

Bottega Cassette look alike from Baginc

Celine Box Look Alike Bags In Black

Are you missing a simple, everyday shoulder handbag to go about your day? Celine introduced their reputable box bag in 2011. Since then, the popularity of the bag has grown throughout the world, used by celebrities and styled by models! Now, you can get your hands on a black look alike bag, similar to the Celine Box. The unique item looks and offers a great practical accessory that can be challenging to find in the modern world of fashion. 


Martha Medium Classic Leather Bag Black $119

Cheap fashion bag


Martha Small Lizard Leather Black $109

Black Celine Box Look alike


Martha Classic Leather Bag Black $119

Celine Box Alternative

Dupes Gucci Dionysus In Black

For a contemporary take on a Gucci classic, the Gucci Dionysus handbag is the ultimate designer black bag to have in your accessory collection. The black dupe look-a-like is made using high-quality leather to ensure the piece is long-lasting. The chain is matched with the iconic closure made with silver metal hardware. This high-quality dupe is the perfect addition for a special evening out with your friends or family. If you adore the original Gucci Dionysus but can’t afford the luxury price tag, then this dupe alternative is the one for you!


Jess Small Leather Shoulder Bag Black $99

Black Gucci Dionysus Dupe


Jess Mini Square Leather Shoulder Bag Black $79

Black Gucci Dionysus Alternatives


Jess Medium Leather Shoulder Bag Black $109

Fashion bags affordable

Goyard Saint Louis Tote Dupe In Black

Remaining one of the most exclusive luxury houses in the world, the majority of Goyard handbags are almost impossible to buy. With that said, there are some fantastic dupes available that capture the heritage of the brand and the design of this rare black handbag. The dupe accessory is spacious that is accompanied by a miniature coin wallet and signature horse. This spacious bag is certainly an effective way to catch the attention of your colleague at the office, showing off not only your style but appreciation for luxury!



Black Goyard Saint Louis Tote



Black Goyard Saint Louis Dupe



Goyard Tote Alternatives

Dupe Chanel Classic 2.55 Flap Bag

Simple, sophisticated, and smart. Three words, which as a whole, describe the design concept of the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. This bag has been prevalent in boutiques for over 65 years and continues to make a name for itself in the luxury shopping hubs of the world. Which fashionista wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of these pieces? For this reason, we have found the ultimate black alternative flap bag that includes all of the iconic design features for only $109! Plan your next night out now to make sure you can show off your latest purchase. 


Adele Flap Bag Lambskin With Gold Hardware Black $109

Cheap Designer Handbags


Adele Flap Bag Cowhide Leather Caviar Black $109

Dupe Chanel handbag


Adele Camellia Flap Bag Lambskin Black $109

Chanel alternative bags

Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch Look-Alike in Black

Heading out for lunch or a weekend brunch and looking for something to finish off your simple look? Well, the black dupe Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch will be able to do just that! Whether it is summer or winter, this simple handbag is the perfect way to lift your outfit which can be used in two ways. Do you prefer to carry a shoulder piece or a handheld bag? Well, with this handbag, you can mix and match! 


Dina Leather Clutch Chain Bag Black $109

Bottega Veneta Black Dupe


Dina Vegan Leather Clutch Chain Bag Black $49

Bottega Veneta Alternatives


Dina Leather Chain Belt Bag Black $99

Bottega Veneta Look alike

Gucci Marmont Alternative Bags In Black

If you are after a black bag which offers something with a little uniqueness, why not opt for the Gucci Marmont Handbag? The quilted design and glossy black finish combined with the golden chain, make this piece stand out from the other luxury handbags on the market. As for the black look-alike to the Gucci Marmont, this perfectly replicates all of the key design features so you can get the best of out a dupe black bag!


Hannah Flap Large Bag Faux Leather CG Logo Black $55

Best Gucci Black Bag


Hannah Flap Mini Bag Faux Leather CG Logo Black $49

Black Bag from Gucci


Hannah Small Flap Bag Leather CG Logo Black $99

Affordable Gucci Bags

Celine Belt Bag Knock-Offs In Black

Simplicity is often the best option for an everyday black handbag. If you are looking for a daily black handbag that offers a luxury look and feel, then take a look at the dupe Celine Belt Bag. This piece is very spacious and can be secured shut with the goldware zip. For only $119 you can add a hint of luxury into your everyday style with the dupe belt bag. 


Debbie Top Handle Bag Black $109

Black Celine Belt Bag at Baginc


Debbie Top Handle Mini Bag Black $99

cheap must-haves bags


Debbie Top Handle Nano Bag Black $109

Celine Dupe Black Bag

Balenciaga Hourglass Dupe Bag Black

Do you prefer the croc finish to your black dupe handbag? If yes, then consider an alternative to the Balenciaga Hourglass. This dupe accessory offers a harsh, yet stylish addition to your outfit which communicates a little bit of edge! The dupe is made in the same shape meaning the bottom of the handbag curves. For a black handbag that creates something a little bit different to communicate your personality, then this is the ideal accessory for you. 


Bonnie Croc Leather Shoulder Bag Black $109

Black Balenciaga Hourglass Look alike


Bonnie Vegan Croc Leather Shoulder Bag Black $59

Balenciaga Hourglass alternatives in Black


Bonnie Leather Shoulder Bag Black $99

Dupe Balenciaga Hourglass Black

Alternatives To Hermes Birkin Bags

With only a handful made each year, the Birkin Bag has year-long waiting lists yet is highly desired throughout the world. If you have always dreamed of owning a simple black Birkin handbag, then take a look at the dupe offered by Baginc. This piece is suitable for almost any occasion which can be dressed up or down! Which event will you be taking your dupe Birkin to?


Tiger Lyly Brigitte Medium Cowhide Leather Black $149

Black Hermes Birkin Dupe


Tiger Lyly Brigitte Medium Lizard Black $149

Black Birkin Alternative Bag


Jane Vegan Leather 12” Black $59

Designer Bag alternatives

Loewe Puzzle Look Alike Bag

Another black designer dupe bag to check out is the Loewe Puzzle Bag. This accessory has a geometric pattern that can help develop an unusual look to a simple outfit! The dupe look-a-like black bag is made of high-quality leather material! The simple short strap makes this accessory the perfect item to carry in your hand without being overly large. 


Adrienne Mini Geometry Leather Bag Black $99

Black Loewe Puzzle Dupe


Adrienne Geometry Leather Shoulder Bag Black $129

affordable designer bags


Adrienne Geometry Leather Shoulder Bag Black $129

Loewe Puzzle Look Alike

Black Balenciaga City Alternative Bag

Are you after an edgy and alternative everyday black leather handbag? If that is the case, then discover the designer look-alike Balenciaga City Bag. This piece has been finished with glossy leather, which helps to develop a grungy appearance. What is more, the dupe includes all of the core features of the original Balenciaga to capture the message of the brand and bag. Check out the subtle features of the dupe, such as the black metal hardware, dual straps, inside mirror and much more!


The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag Black $129

affordable Balenciaga City Bag


The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag Blue $129

Black Balenciaga Motorcycle Dupe Bag

Hermes Kelly Alternative Bags

The black Hermes Kelly remains one of the most sophisticated handbags in the world. The black dupe bag alternative offers the same great style, at only a small percentage of the price, meaning you can develop a similar luxury look! This black bag is perfect for heading to the office for a smart finish to your formalwear or can be used to dress up a casual outfit for a dinner in a fancy restaurant!


Tiger Lyly Garbo Small Lizard Black Gold Hardware $129

Dupe Hermes Kelly Black


The Grace 3D Croc Leather Bag Black 11” $119

Look alike Hermes Kelly


The Essential Grace Croc Leather Bag Black 11” $119

affordable Kelly Bag

Givenchy Antigona Alternatives

Givenchy is typically known for its luxury women’s and ready-to-wear collections. However, since the launch of the Antigona, they have become renowned for their classic black handbags. This simple but high-quality piece is desired by many individuals across the world and its popularity is only continuing to grow! For an opportunity to have a replica of this wonderful accessory, discover the perfect black dupe bag, which includes all of the core features like the original. Using calfskin leather creates a luxury feel and finish to these truly spectacular black bag dupes. 


Christi Leather Bag Black $119

Black Dupe Givenchy Antigona


Christi Soft Leather Large Bag Black $139

Cheap affordable Givenchy Antigona


Christi Soft Leather Medium Bag Black $119

Must-haves Handbags

The Best Black Dupe Bags From Baginc