The biggest misconception in the world of luxury leather goods is that Louis Vuitton is the longest standing brand, this however is not true. It is in fact, Goyard,, founded in 1853, is the oldest French fashion house for leather goods. Still thriving in the traditional form, the brand relies upon word of mouth and recognition to drive customers to stores.

Known for their handbags, luggage and wider collection leather items this brand has transformed the way luxury produced and designed their leather goods. How are their bags so iconic? Their signature handbag comes in leather with a monographic print of the letter Y across their bag. By using the letter Y rather than first initial of their brand name has transformed into a phenomenally successful range of leather goods by Goyard,

There are several available collections of the Goyard Bag Dupes which offer the same great, classic and iconic style as the traditional bag.

Goyard Saint Louis Totes

Designers have been able to produce a similar monograph ‘Y’ print for the leather goods which is carefully placed onto the leather offering the same great iconic feature of a traditional Goyard.

Unlike many fashion houses, Goyard’s leather goods are available in a range of different colours, depending on the season and the chosen palette for the current collection. Hence, The Goyard Tote Dupes have collated several colour combinations for your bag from orange, brown, blue, black, grey and many more. In doing so you can purchase your much-loved Goyard Dupes and the Goyard inspired bags in a colour which you can use on a daily basis.

The Goyard Saint Louis XXL Totes

Over the years, this luxury brand has made a name for itself for designing and selling different styles of bags. However, it differentiates itself from others as it does not have one signature style, rather it is the print which catches the eye of those passing by. Hence, Dupe bags will focus on achieving the iconic print.

Despite this, Dupe’s do come in different shapes, the go to style for a Goyard Dupe is a Tote Bag as they are spacious and easily usable. Other styles include the Vendome, The Petit Flot, Clutch and the Belverdere bag. The wider range of iconic bags are more difficult to find on the Dupe market, nevertheless you can guarantee to find a tote shaped bag rocking the Y monographic print.

What’s more the Dupe bags are available at affordable prices, our research shows you can purchase a Goyard Dupe bag for as little as $55, although the original prices aren’t readily available to find on the internet. We can assure you this is still one great saving when you are essentially purchasing to exact same style.

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