These stunning Jacquemus Le Chiquito dupe bags are indistinguishable from the classic original design and come in a wide choice of colors at simply sensational prices.

The Best Jacquemus Chiquito Dupes and Lookalikes

6 Sizes of Jacquemus Le Chiquito Dupe Bags

The wonderfully simple yet elegant Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag is as desirable an accessory as can be. Available in six sizes to cover all potential occasions, this is a sensational design that has taken the market by storm. Now you can afford your own Jacquemus Le Chiquito dupe bag in any of the sizes, so let’s take a look at each. 

Le Petit Chiquito
8.5 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm

Le Chiquito
12 cm x 9 cm

Le Chiquito Noeud
18 cm x 13.5 cm

Le Chiquito Long
22 cm x 10.5 cm x 5.5cm

Le Chiquito Moyen
18 cm x 13.5 cm

Le Grand Chiquito
22 cm x 18 cm

Best High Street Mini Bags Dupes For Luxury Bags

Le Chiquito (Mini)

A handbag in miniature that carries all the style and elegance of the original, the Jacquemus Le Chiquito Mini is a bag for all seasons. Delectable and delightful, this tiny yet usable bag is stunning to behold and these Jacquemus Le Chiquito dupe versions are quite spectacular when it comes to quality. You won’t find a better leather-quality mini dupe bag at this price anywhere else. 

Size: 5.3cm x 4.3cm x 1.5cm / 2.08 x 1.69 x 0.59 Inch

Black Jacquemus Chiquito Dupe

Green Croco Jacquemus Chiquito Dupe

White Jacquemus Chiquito Dupe

Pink Jacquemus Chiquito Dupe

Brown Jacquemus Chiquito Dupe

The IT Bag oF The Year The Jacquemus Le Petit Bag

Le Chiquito (Micro)

A touch larger than the above, this superbly made Jacquemus Le Chiquito dupe is another example of quality at a sensational price. With a long strap for wearing across the body, this wonderful replica combines all the style and practicality of the original and only an expert could tell it apart from the genuine article. As fine a Jacquemus Le Chiquito dupe as you can buy, we think this a real bargain.

Size: 8.5 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm / 3.3 x 1.96 x 0.98 Inch

Jacquemus Le Petit Chiquito
Jacquemus Le Petit Chiquito Blue
White Micro Bags
Black Mini Bag
Mini Macro Bag
Pink J Mini Bag
Orange Mini Bag

Affordable Designer Alternatives

Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud

Moving up a size here we have a standard handbag Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud bag, perfect for any occasion and available in a range of glorious colors to replicate the original. We love the soft leather finish of this excellent Jacquemus dupe bag and the attention to detail is simply stunning at the price. Available at a fraction of the cost of an original, which would be at least $700, this dupe version is perfect for nights out and for formal use.

Size: 18 cm x 13.5 cm x 7.5 cm / 7.08 x 5.3 x 2.95 Inch

Black Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud Lookalike
Pink Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud Alternative
Brown Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud

Red Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud
Blue Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud
Fake Jacquemus Le Chiquito Noeud Bag

Affordable Alternatives For High-End Brands

Jacquemus Le Chiquito Long

The extended length of this quite lovely Jacquemus Le Chiquito Long handbag lends it a style that is unique to the brand and very chic. There are few designer bags that pack so much elegance into the design so easily. This dupe Chiquito Jacquemus version is amazing in that it replicates the genuine article to perfection. There’s no worry about your designer bag being stolen or damaged with these quality dupes. 

Size: 22 cm x 10.5 cm x 5.5 cm / 8.6 x 4.1 x 2.1 Inch

Faux Jacquemus Le Chiquito Long Bag Yellow
Green Jacquemus Le Chiquito Long
Fake Jacquemus Bag
Jacquemus Replica Bag
Jacquemus Le Chiquito Fake

Shockingly Affordable Alternatives

Jacquemus Le Chiquito Moyen

With an original Jacquemus Le Chiquito Moyen handbag priced at around $650, it’s unlikely the average woman can justify such expense. At a mere fraction of that cost, this superb quality leather Jacquemus Le Chiquito Moyen dupe is the perfect alternative. Great size and a practical choice, we love the finish of this superbly priced Jacquemus Le Chiquito dupe, and this one is bound to be popular so get yours now.

Size : 18 cm x 13.5 cm / 7.08 x 5.31 Inch

Fake Jacquemus
Faux Jacquemus

Jacquemus Lookalikes
Jacquemus Copy
Dupe Jacquemus Bags

Designer Bag Alternatives And Dupes

Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito

If a large-size quality leather bag is what you are looking for this has to be it. The simply amazing quality of this Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito replica is breathtaking, and at the price, you will not believe what you are buying. With the original costing more than $700 you need to have a second look at this beautiful bag and buy one – you know you deserve it.

Size : 22 cm x 18 cm / 8.6 x 7.08 Inch

Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito Replica
Fake Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito
Cheap Jacquemus Bags
Affordable Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito
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