Finished in the classic and distinctive monogram pattern that is instantly recognizable as Louis Vuitton, this inspired LV bum bag dupe is a perfect recreation that you could take anywhere and look as classy as with the real thing. Get your LV Bumbag Dupe for less than $30!

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Beautiful Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack Bumbag Dupes

This Bumbag is from one of the most recognizable of all famous fashion brands, Louis Vuitton. Known for their classy and stylish – and also unique – monogram finish, this maker of accessories, luggage, and more, is popular the world over and lends itself to any occasion. Yet, as with all designer goods, you will pay designer money for a Louis Vuitton bum bag. Check out this LV bumbag dupe DHgate offers and have a look at the quality – and the price!

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Stunning Quality LV Bumbag Dupes

The first thing you will notice is the quality of this amazing bag, and that it comes in plain brown. We like the plain example as in many ways it makes this the best LV bumbag dupe being unique and different. Stylish and finished in quality material and with first-class gold-colored fittings, it is the perfect choice for the girl about town, work, or even formal occasions. We love the size of this DHgate Louis Vuitton bumbag, as it is not too large or small, but spot on.

lv bum bag dhgate
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Amazing Bargain Prices for LV BumBag Dupes

Let’s go back to the price conundrum. What would a genuine LV bum bag of this design cost? We talked about designer prices, and this one would set you back around $1500! That’s for the classic Louis Vuitton bumbag with the monogram design. Now, most of us cannot afford that for a bag, and it’s a lot of money’s worth to carry around with you. What does the LV bum bag dupe DHgate cost? What if we told you this classy, superbly made, LV bum bag replica costs around $30? That has to be a bargain!

lv bum bag dupe dhgate
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Buy The Best DHgate LV Bags: LV Bumbags For Cheap

Here’s the thing: why not buy a pair and rotate them for use at that price? That way, you get more mileage out of your LV bumbag dupes than you would with one? Even if you only buy one, the sheer variety of occasions it will be suitable for is endless. In plain and rich brown it can be paired with just about any outfit, so will look good with your jacket and jeans or equally so in a formal business suit. This Louis Vuitton bumbag dupe really is one of the most versatile bag designs we have seen.

louis vuitton bum bag dupe dhgate
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No Need to Worry About Your LV BumBag Dupe


Buy your Louis Vuitton bumbag dupe at DHgate and you don’t have to worry about carrying $1500 worth of bag with you. No need to be concerned it may be damaged, lost, or even stolen, yet you get the designer look and excellent quality for a simply astonishing bargain price. Check out the other replica LV bum bags at DHgate as they do offer examples with their version of the monogram pattern, and we recommend you get the LV bum bag DHgate provides as this is going to be a big seller.

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