One of the most innovative and exciting handbag designs is the Loewe Puzzle Bag. The modernist cuboid shape and highly original detailing make these Loewe Puzzle dupe bags a must for your wardrobe at quite sensational prices. 

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The Best Loewe Bag Look-Alikes That Won’t Break The Bank

Too many fashion items are labeled ‘iconic’, yet the Loewe Puzzle Bag design genuinely deserves it. There is no other bag that matches what is a superbly modern, daring and stylish handbag or shoulder bag design. The only problem is being able to afford one! If you want a Mini size Loewe Puzzle bag, you’re talking in excess of $2000. That’s not an amount many women can justify spending on a bag. But don’t give up hope, for this range of superb Loewe Puzzle dupe bags is just what you need.

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Superbly Made Replica Loewe Puzzle Dupes

The delightfully odd geometric detailing of the original is perfectly replicated on these amazing Loewe dupe bags. Made from top quality leather, these are Loewe look alike bags of the highest order, with attention to detail that goes beyond that you would expect from a replica. We can’t distinguish the dupe from the original, and the replication even includes the gorgeous metal detailing that comes with each size of Loewe Puzzle dupe.

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These Amazing Alternative Bags Are Available in Two Sizes

The Loewe Puzzle dupe comes in two sizes – the Mini handbag, which is beautifully rendered, and the Shoulder bag design that is equally impeccably made – so you can combine beauty and style with practicality wherever you are. This is the perfect dupe bag design for the young professional, exuding a message of going somewhere and being someone. You will certainly stand out carrying one of these quite amazing replica bags whether at a formal occasion, in a bar with friends or in the workplace. It’s that sort of bag, one that turns heads and will draw admiring glances aplenty.

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Glorious Choice of Colours

These delectable Loewe Puzzle dupe bags come in a full range of colours, again replicating the original in every detail. Choose from the standard tan or black for those formal occasions or push the boat out and buy a baby blue or shocking pink Loewe Puzzle dupe that will bring a smile to your face every time you carry it. Even more amusing is the multi-coloured example. A riot of red, yellow and black or more muted pinks and greys – among other colourways – across the adjoining geometric panels, looking for all the world like a Mondrian painting over your shoulder.

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The Best Designer Dupes Website

The detailing, finish and quality of the materials of these superbly made Loewe dupe bags cannot be faulted. Nor can the price. For the Mini Loewe Puzzle dupe you pay a mere $89. For the shoulder bag version no more than $119. You can afford not just one, but two or more colours and sizes at these prices and still pay less than 10% of the cost of an original. This range of Loewe Puzzle dupes may just be what you are looking for, so check them out now and have a look at the full range of designer dupes, each made to the amazing level of detail and quality you see here.

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