Are you on the search for the perfect Hermes Backpack, explore the dupe market today for a great alternative of the luxury designer handbag. 

The Perfect Hermès Kelly Backpack Dupe

The Hermes Kelly Ado Is The Perfect Backpack 

The popularity of backpacks has transformed over the past few years. First used by school kids and now is seen by world-renowned models on the high fashion runways. That’s right, whether you are in New York, London, Paris or Milan, you are guaranteed to see style icons showing off their backpacks. What does this mean for luxury leather goods? Well, it essentially means they have taken their iconic designs and turned them into backpacks. That’s right, brands including Burberry, Gucci and Prada all have their own exclusive backpacks. 

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The Perfect Designer BackPack Look-Alike

The one catching the celebrity and fashion media attention is the Hermes Kelly Backpack. These bags have been produced in limited numbers over the years. This has resulted in higher demand and getting your hands on one is challenging. Even looking into the second-hand market, the availability of the Hermes Backpack is scarce with some costing up to £14,000.  

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Why the Kelly Hermès Backpack? 

Well, as we know, Hermès Kelly bags are amongst some of the most luxurious and rare pieces on the globe. This means the Hermes Kelly Ado Backpack is no exception. In fact, it is even hard to trace an original item perhaps meaning the brand has quite a long waiting list. 

The backpacks carry the same design as the classic Kelly Hermès Handbags but, in the form of a rucksack. The luxury designer has recognized the popularity for this sought-after handbag style hence, has taken an iconic piece and turned it into something trending and current. Using a gold hardware and the reputable lock design to close the bag, this piece is considered to be exceptional luxury. 

Knockoff Backpack

Dupe Backpack

Sourcing one of these items could take up to many months or even years as Hermès strives to keep them limited in numbers. Even if you do, the bag could cost more than a year’s average salary. On the plus side, there are wonderful Hermès Kelly Ado Backpack alternatives in the form of dupes. Same great style, quality but, for a fraction of the price and available to purchase immediately!

The Hermès Dupe Backpack

What makes the dupes so great? Well, besides the minimum cost to your wallet, it is also designed to perfectly replicate all the main features of the item produced Hermès. 

Everything is taken into consideration when it comes to the dupe Kelly Hermès bags from the leather, shape, feel and color. In fact, the dupes are constructed using a very acceptable calf leather. Not only is this material made for long-lasting quality, it also gives a similar appearance to the original piece. What’s more, is the feel of the leather which is of similar quality to the luxury leather good. In terms of the look and feel, there is no doubt your friends and colleagues will think you’ve invested in the real Kelly Hermès when using this bag. 

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The Look For Less With This Great Designer Inspired Bags

As the original, the dupe is made using a gold hardware which creates the iconic closure recognized on most Hermès handbags. The interior is equally as spacious enabling you to use this backpack on a daily basis. Finally, the straps are adjustable for your comfort and are attached to the bag in the same way as the Kelly Hermès handbag. In other words, this will give you the exact same feel as the designer label accessory. 

The Eye-Catching Colors

A notable aspect of luxury leather goods is always the choice of color palettes. Whether it is Burberry, incorporating their infamous tartan or Hermès using bright colors to empower the wearer. One of the most popular choices for the Hermès Backpack remains their daring red. Not only does this provide a feeling of strength fearlessness, it also symbolizes female empowerment.  

Blue backpack

Turquoise backpack

Hence, the dupe alternative to the Hermes Kelly Ado ensures to incorporate this desirable red color into the bag choices. In addition to this, the dupes come in various colors from suitable spring tones such as pink, light grey and blue. On the other hand, you could look to the double colored styles. For example, there is a dupe Kelly Hermes in a black and white contrast or white and grey. Ultimately, whatever you are looking for, there is a suitable color to match your preferences. 

These Kelly Leather Backpacks can be yours for $109

As you know, the price of the luxury Hermes Kelly Ado Backpack remains a secret. However, for a second-hand piece you could be looking to pay upwards of $10,000! With that said, the dupe items can be purchased for just $109! Quite frankly, this is an absolute bargain for such a great replica of the original Kelly Bag and very affordable. If you are in love with the design of these luxury handbags, then check out where you can but the best dupes alternatives today!

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