Simply stylish and undeniably chic, this stunning range of Chloe Faye bag dupes is entirely faithful to the original. Available as shoulder bag and backpack designs, this is a classic of the age, and a perfect choice of gorgeous designer bags at amazingly affordable prices.


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French designer fashion house Chloe was founded in the 1950’s. Within a few years Chloe became one of the most respected designer brands in the business. The 1970’s saw the brand rocket to stardom with the legendary Karl Lagerfeld bringing a new direction to the designs. 

Women such as Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly wore and carried Chloe products. This gave the brand the cache it needed to become one of the defining names of the 1970’s. Like all designer brands Chloe products are far from cheap, yet this superb range of Chloe Faye bag dupes is just what you’ve been looking for.

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Affordable Chloe Handbag Dupes You Need Now

Designed for practicality as well as style, the Chloe Faye range has become a mainstay in the designer bag market. The amazing Chloe Faye small bags you see here are a perfect replica of the original design at a fraction of the price. This range of Chloe dupes includes small and large shoulder bags plus the timelessly trendy and chic backpack design. This is a range for women of all ages yet will appeal especially to the younger woman who loves to be stylish.

Take the wonderfully made and superbly finished Chloe dupe mini shoulder bag. Available in either top quality leather in a gorgeous caramel brown with suede highlights or faux leather suitable for vegans, it is identical to the original down to the gold metal chain. Nothing is left to chance with these quite splendid dupes. We can’t fault the finish and only an expert would know you are carrying a replica.

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Practical and Stylish Chloe Faye Backpack Dupes 

We love the Chloe backpack dupes especially. Perfect for that shopping trip or the daily commute this is the design to have if you want to look the part. This delectable bag is available in caramel or black. Made from the best quality leather with suede overlays, the bag feels as good as it looks being soft to the touch yet tough and durable. The quality of the snap closure fittings is of the highest order and the leather straps offer a two-way choice for wearing.

Fully adjustable for comfort, the Chloe Faye dupe backpack is a popular choice with young professionals. Seamlessly combining the beauty of Chloe distinctive design and the practicality of a backpack, this is a unique designer duper that you will love as much as we do. The gold-colored metal fittings give this Chloe dupe a further touch of class. Once you see these amazingly priced bags, you’ll know you’ve found the ideal choice.

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Chloe Faye Dupes In a Choice of Sizes

The range of Chloe Faye dupe bags includes small and medium examples of the shoulder bag. The smaller is available in two sizes – small and mini – and in colors such as caramel, grey, and black. There is nothing outlandish or brash about these Chloe dupes. They are simply stylish and extremely beautiful as per the original. The smaller design is perfect for the girl about town who wants to look the part or the young professional wishing to make the right impression.

Chloe Faye dupes in the medium size are an ideal choice if you want a bag that can double as your everyday carrier or for more formal occasions. Perfect as a dress bag for parties and gatherings and equally at home when you’re meeting girlfriends for drinks this the designer bag for all occasions. The demure and simplified beauty of these Chloe dupes is something that will attract buyers of all ages, and the prices are quite exceptional. 

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Where To Purchase These Superbly Finished Chloe Faye Dupes

It’s essential we stress the level of finish that the Chloe Faye dupes display. The combination of quality leather and suede plus beautiful fittings in gold metal gives the Chloe dupes a sense of occasion. Finish is exemplary, and even the faux leather versions feel quite wonderful. Shoulder bags and backpacks of this quality usually command a high price. The original Chloe Faye small shoulder bag, for example, retails in the region of $1500.

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That’s a price few of us can justify, yet the identical and carefully made Chloe Faye small dupe will cost you $109 in leather and suede, or an unbelievable $45 if you want the equally high-quality faux leather finish. With the backpacks retailing at $109 and the medium Chloe dupes at a mere $135 you can afford to buy more than one size or color.

We believe that these Chloe dupes – and there are many more superb designer bag replicas of other top brands across the various ranges – are as good as a genuine example costing more than 10 times the price. Check out the Chloe Faye Dupe bag range and we’re sure you’ll agree and add one or more of these amazing dupes to your collection. 

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