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The Best Hermes Kelly Crocodile Dupes

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In the world of exclusive handbags, Hermes is amongst one of a few brands with some of the globe’s most rare and sought-after leather goods. When it comes to Hermes, most people naturally gravitate towards a Birkin. One of their most desirable pieces, however, remains the Hermes Kelly Crocodile Bags. What many avid lovers of luxury don’t know is that the Kelly launched in 1935 prior to the infamous Birkin. 

Black Hermes Kelly Croc Dupe

The Best Birkin Bag Alternatives and Dupes

American actress and member of the Monaco royal family, Princess Grace Kelly, made a significant contribution to the success of the bag. She was photographed by the paparazzi using a Kelly Croc Bag by Hermes to shield her baby bump. Since the image was made public, the inquiries and popularity of the bag soared. Today, this legacy continues, with exceptionally long waiting lists to get your hands on one of the stunning Hermes Kelly Dupe Bag. 

Even if you were to invest in one of these handbags, the price for a new collection item remains a secret. On the second-hand market, the more popular and limited models are available. However, be prepared to dig deep into your pockets as you’ll struggle to find a Kelly Crocodile for less than $15,000. 

Hermes Kelly Look-alike Bag
Look-Alike Hermes Kelly Bag

The Hermes Kelly Dupe Bags Are Even Nicer In Crocodile Leather

Like many, you might just love this handbag for its unique and flawless design. If that is the case, then you should look to purchase a Hermes Kelly Look-alike handbag in the form of a dupe. As an alternative to the luxury designer accessory, a dupe alternative is a great way to achieve the same great design and iconic look for an affordable price. 

With a Hermes Kelly Bag Dupe, you will have all the same eye-catching elements which made the original version such a statement piece. To replicate the croc skin, the dupe model is crafted using high-quality leather, worked to give off the same crocodile effect. 

The size replicates the most common size of the Kelly, being 28cm.  This makes the bag useful to wear for social outings or even to style at the office. 

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These Hermes Kelly Look-Alike Bag Style Features

The iconic flap close is available on the dupe, which is accompanied by gold hardware to secure the handbag shut. If you are worried about the styling options, then we can already tell you there is a detachable strap. That’s right, you can look like your favorite celeb by carrying this bag over your arm. Or, if you prefer a shoulder piece, you can style this bag on one shoulder or as a crossbody accessory. 

As for the color, the Hermes Kelly Dupes have incorporated a similar range of colors as the designer bags. You could purchase this look-alike Kelly in a fiery red, classic black, blue, white, or grey. Overall, there are eight fantastic color options to choose from!

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As for the Cost?

Like anything, it is natural to want to know the dupe price for such a statement piece. You can purchase the Hermes Kelly Crocodile Dupe Bag for only $119! This is a fantastic price when you will receive all the elements in one piece, which, originally made the bag famous! Look like your favorite supermodel today by investing in your very own Hermes Kelly Dupe. Great style with a great saving. 

The Best Hermes Kelly Dupe Bag

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