Top quality dupe bags of the classic Dior saddle bag in a range of wonderful colours and finishes at prices you can afford.

Dior Saddle Bag Dupes

Stay On Budget with These Dior Saddle Bag Dupes

It’s all too easy to label a fashion design as iconic, but the classic Dior Saddle Purse – as unique and stylish as can possibly be – certainly deserves that accolade. There’s nothing else like it because there’s no fashion house quite like Christian Dior. Founded in 1946 and still one of the leading names in high fashion, Dior continues to present superb designs that endure, as the Saddle Bag has done for many years.

Of course, to own a dream Dior Saddle Bag would cost you at least $2500 new, and if you can find one used, you’ll be very lucky! So how do you make that dream come true? With one of the simply breathtaking Dior Saddle Bag dupes from the Aurora range. Inspired and replicating the original, the Aurora range offers everything you could want at prices that are simply unbeatable, and wait until you see the quality!

Vegan handbag

Gothic Purse

The Best Dior Inspired Saddle Bags 

The Aurora saddle bag purse is a beautifully made item, exuding quality that far exceeds the cost of the bag. Made from high-quality genuine leather, this range of Dior dupes is an opportunity for you to own a stylish, timeless bag in one of many innovative and attractive colors. Classic black is here, of course, in true shining finish for the ideal formal bag. But the Aurora range also adds a twist to the classic Dior design with a Gothic style leather option, a neat and original take that gives the saddlebag a more casual appeal.

Green bag

Black bag
Blue bag

What about this wonderfully evocative bag in silver, or gold? The padded look gives these metallic finishes an impact all of their own and offset by the quality gold metal fittings you have a purse that is simply in a class above the rest. Smooth leather options in black and cream are the ideal handbag for that party outfit, while the faux-croc leather finish looks superb in either rich green, pale blue or lush black. There’s a choice for everyone here, and it’s hard to these superb Dior dupes apart from the real thing.

The High Street Dupes

Many a woman dreams of carrying a Dior saddle bag under her arm, but few can justify the price tag, But here’s the thing: those faux croc examples we mentioned? You could buy all three colours from the Aurora range and have change from $100! If it’s real leather you want, the price is under $80, a genuine bargain for a superbly styled, truly iconic design that would look the part with your office suit, casual dress, or at a formal dinner party. Anywhere, in fact, as this is a bag that is far from ostentatious, yet practical, beautiful and enduring at the same time. 

The look for less

If quality Dior dupes – there are other brands represented here too – are your thing, you’re in the right place. The Aurora range of saddle bag Dior dupes is a favorite of ours, yet it’s just one among many super dupe bag collections that mean the everyday girl can enjoy the experience of having a classic design on her arm at incredibly good prices.

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