Green is a great color for a handbag, and when it comes to designer bags from some of the best brands there are many shades to choose from. We have picked 10 of our favorite green designer dupe bags, and you won’t believe the prices!

Buying Quality Affordable Green Designer Dupe Bags

Why have we chosen green as the focus? Because it’s a color that is often overlooked in designer bags and accessories. Yet, it’s one that works superbly in both formal and casual situations. Green paired with most colors works well, and as brands go, we’ve chosen some of the best designer dupe bags in the business. If you cannot afford to spend several thousand dollars on an original – and few can – you will be amazed when you see the quality of these superbly priced green designer dupe bags. Let’s get started with our favorites. 


Goyard Saint Louis Green Dupe

Ask a select group of ladies to name their favorite designer bag brand, and Goyard will be the answer from a good proportion. It’s a brand that caters for all ages and all tastes – often simple and stylish, sometimes quite daring, and original – and this model – the Goyard St Louis Lookalike tote – looks quite spectacular in this shade of green. So, you want a Goyard St Louis tote dupe, and it is a popular choice – what should you expect to pay? Are you ready? Around $3000!

But we have the answer: have a look at this superb Goyard St Louis dupe, made entirely from vegan leather replica, and as beautiful as the original. Complete with the dual handles, the same shape and style, and internal pockets, it’s a superb quality replica of the highest order. And the price? $70! We are serious, that’s seventy dollars! Buy one now!


Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette Parakeet Dupe Bag

Staying with Bottega Veneta for this example, the Chain Cassette Dupe in Parakeet Green – as bright as it will ever get and quite stunning. Now, for this one – and it’s a classic design that is great for parties with its more compact size, shoulder straps, and fabulously funky design – you will need a cool $3800 or so to buy one. 

Look at this pretty special Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette dupe bag, in an equally stunning bright green. It comes with the twin shoulder straps, the gold metal furniture, and it is made from top-quality leather. Have a guess at the price. $500, perhaps? Maybe $200? No, it can be yours for $109. That’s for a superbly finished, all leather, quality Bottega Veneta cassette dupe – you can’t get better than that!


Balenciaga Le Cagole Small Green Dupe

Balenciaga Le Cagole is a brand with a strong following in the bags and accessories market. The Le Cagole XS Shoulder Bag looks stunning in the bright green shade and is a tidy and unique design. Of course, you pay the price for a designer label, and the XS Shoulder bag will set you back at least $2000.

This quite spectacular Balenciaga Le Cagole replica bag, which we assure you, is finished to such a high standard that only an expert can tell the difference. This Le Cagole XS dupe even comes with the trendy mirror and pouch that make the original so appealing. The price? $120!


Balenciaga Hourglass Small Green Dupe

Desired by women young and old and offering a magnificent choice of gloriously beautiful bags, the Balenciaga Hourglass Small Handbag with the crocodile finish in the wonderfully chosen dark green color is special. But can you afford $2100 for a shoulder bag?

Check out the Balenciaga Hourglass Small Bag dupe. At a glance, can you tell the difference between this and the original? It even replicates the famous Balenciaga ‘B’ buckle logo, the crocodile finish, and the equally wonderful dark green color. This Hourglass Small Handbag dupe from Balenciaga costs just $109, and you don’t have to worry about it when out on the town!


Gucci Dionysus Bag Emerald Green 

Dionysus is from none other than Gucci. Gucci shouts ‘expensive,’ which is around $3300, but then it is a quality brand and a stunning bag. Classy, stylish, and timeless, this is a design that matches quality leather finish with understated metal fixtures.

And the Gucci Dionysus Leather Shoulder Bag Emerald Green dupe? It is equally stunning, a perfect replica made from quality leather, with replica metal fittings, and finished to a level that we cannot believe is this good when it costs just $100. This Gucci Dionysus dupe bag is a serious bargain, and at the price, you can even buy another of an unusual color.


Bottega Veneta Pouch Dupe In Green Parakeet

This stunning Bottega Veneta Pouch in the glorious Parakeet green is a stunning bag. Made from quality materials and immediately recognizable by brand, it’s a bag for all occasions, yet at more than $2500, it’s also hard to justify.

Yet there is an answer in the shape of this wonderful Bottega Veneta Pouch dupe, which costs just $109, and is of an elevated level of quality unexpected at the price. This is so well made that only a brand expert can tell it apart from the original, and we love the racing green finish.


Loewe Flamenco Mini Leather Clutch Green Dupe

The Loewe Flamenco Mini Leather Clutch bag is a classic of its type. Resplendent in a beautiful green finish and as practical as it is gorgeous, this unique and stylish design will remain timeless. At around the $2000 mark, it’s also a lot of money for what it is, but you can buy this stunning Loewe Flamenco bag dupe in an equally wonderful green for just $99.

Made from quality materials and finished to a high standard, this genuine leather Loewe dupe bag will be the envy of all your friends, and they’ll never know it’s not the real thing.


Gucci Bamboo 1947 Dupe Bag Green

Iconic is a much-overused term, but it applies beautifully to the Gucci Bamboo 1947 Mini Top Handle bag in stunning green. Simple yet stylish with the trademark bamboo handle, this is a quality bag from a top brand and will cost you around $2500.

Yet, for little more than $100, you can have your own Gucci Bamboo 1947 dupe bag, and nobody will know it’s a replica. Made from quality leather and in a superb shade of green, this Gucci Bamboo lookalike is superbly finished and a must for any wardrobe


Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Replica in Racing Green

A popular and unique design, the eye-catching Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie bag is as desirable as it gets. With the handle’s lovely knot design and compact size, it would be a bag for all occasions but for the $2000 price tag.

The alternative is right here in the shape of this superbly made Bottega Veneta Jodie dupe, in quality leather and a replica so good we cannot tell it from the real thing. It has a superb knot, an equally compact size, and finished in racing green, looks glorious. It’s yours for just over $100


Goyard Boheme Hobo Bag Dupes in Beautiful Green

Our final choice is this spectacular Boheme Hobo Bag dupe, which at a mere $79, must be a bargain in anyone’s book. This bag is perfect for casual or formal use, looking every inch the real thing, and made from quality vegan leather.

The original from which this Goyard Bohme hobo dupe takes its inspiration is a classic design that stands the test of time and offers superb practicality and good looks. Yet you must pay more than $5000 for the original, so we prefer the dupe.

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