Superbly made Givenchy Antigona Dupe bags in many colours. Introducing the Givenchy Antigona Mini range at simply amazing prices in a full range of authentic colours.

Givenchy Antigona Mini

Amazing Value Givenchy Antigona are Top Quality

Among the many desirable designer handbag brands there are a few that stand out in the crowd. Once of these is undeniably Givenchy. One of the leading brands in fashion and perfume, Givenchy has been in the business of designing, creating and producing stunning fashion designs that lead the trends of the times, and exude the very best in French chic and timeless style.

The Best Antigona Dupe Bag

Givenchy Antigona Dupe bags

Must-haves Antigona Bag

One of the most iconic of Givenchy designs is the wonderfully understated yet undoubtedly elegant Givenchy Antigona Small handbag. Simple, beautiful and practical at once, this is a design that has spawned many a replica from rival fashion houses. What we have for you here, however, is a genuinely affordable and top-quality range of replica handbags that emulate the Givenchy Antigona Medium Bags, and it’s the Christi Bags range that you are going to love. 

Non Designer Givenchy Antigona

Amazing Quality at Superb Prices

First, let us assure you that the Christi range of Givenchy Antigona dupes is every bit as beautiful as the original. The choice of colours – typically understated as with the original – includes everything from a neat and stylish grey to carefully chosen blue, with options including a choice of browns and classic black. This is a range that may be limited in choice, but that doesn’t stop you from having a choice of dupe Givenchy Antigona small size bags, or even a Givenchy Mini Antigona dupe in the colours described.

Then there’s the price. What would a Givenchy Antigona original cost you if you could find one? Definitely four figures, and few of us can afford to spend that on a bag! So, what if we told you that a Givenchy Antigona medium bag in beautiful blue, made from soft calfskin leather and to the highest standards of quality could be yours for a tenth of the price of an original or less? That’s what you get with these brilliant replica handbags, and we mean it when we say the quality is simply sensational.

Antigona Replica Bag

Designer Inspired Leather Bag $109  HERE

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Look Alike Leather Bag $109 HERE

Antigona Dupe Bag $119 HERE

The Best Givenchy Antigona Dupes

If the smooth calfskin leather is not for you then there’s the option of a Givenchy Antigona dupe in a croc finish, and it looks superb in shiny, elegant and stylish black. This one comes – as does the entire range – with authentic silver coloured hardware to add to the elegance of the design, and to help with a long life and durability. Any bag from the Christi range could be paired with an outfit for the office, or for a formal occasion, or just for casual use when meeting friends for drinks. 

Is this the ultimate dupe bag? It has to come close as the Givenchy Antigona is a classic of its type, a design that combines everything a woman wants in a handbag: great looks, easy to use, wonderfully versatile and superbly made. Yet, we can’t get away from the incredible price of the Christi range of Givenchy Antigona dupe bags. If there’s a bargain on the market right now, this must be it, so check out this and the other superb dupe bags now, and you’ll soon have a fine addition to your collection.

The Best Antigona Dupes

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