If you’re a lover of luxury handbags and leather goods, you’re likely no stranger to the exorbitant prices demanded by many of the big name fashion houses. For many, a large price tag is just not doable, so they begin to look to other brands with similar looks to the luxury product they are looking for. If you’re really after the Hermes Wallet or the Hermes Kelly Wallet with their signature horizontal configuration and elegant metal clasp, you may be looking for a while. However, there are dupes out there that rival the original Hermes in look and in quality, so you can feel confident purchasing and using one. 

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All About the Hermes Kelly Wallet

If you’re an Hermes handbag and leather goods fan, you’ve likely already seen the iconic Hermes Kelly bag the brand is known for—second only in popularity to their Birkin bag. However, whether you own a Kelly bag or not, you should get acquainted with the Hermes Kelly Wallet, a miniature version of the same design perfect for your everyday cash, cards, and ID. The Kelly wallet is rather pricy at $14,800 a pop. For many people, that price is just not accessible. So, why not try a duped wallet with the same look as the Kelly Wallet?

Designer Inspired Wallet $52 HERE

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Look-Alike Long Wallet $52 HERE

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Why Should I Purchase a Designer Dupe Wallet?

For many people, the price alone is reason enough to buy a duped product as opposed to a genuine fashion article. Additionally, depending on your lifestyle, you may want to purchase a more inexpensive product. If you commute through public transit or travel frequently, a designer bag or wallet could get damaged easily, which would be an expensive loss. With a duped version of a leather good, you can feel guilt-free about getting a replacement. Hermes replacement wallets are available at a much lower cost if you are satisfied by an Hermes mens wallet. 

Where Can I Find a Quality Dupe?

If you’re looking for a high-quality, attractive dupe for the Hermes Kelly Wallet or Birkin Wallet, we will save you the time spent scouring the internet. Bag Inc has some of the closest dupes available and in high-quality, genuine cowhide leather. The Jane Wallet by Bag Inc has the closest resemblance to the Hermes Kelly Wallet, which means it could be a great alternative. However, the Kelly Wallet is not all you’ll find on Baginc. They also offer a variety of lookalike wallets to iconic handbags like Birkin and more. If you’re looking for an Hermes men’s wallet, you may be able to find similar-looking leather billfolds in online boutiques for a much lower cost.

Buying a duped designer handbag or small leather accessory is a great way to save money without sacrificing style or quality. You can walk confidently sporting a lookalike Hermes Kelly Wallet, the Jane Wallet from Baginc, throughout your everyday life. Dupe Hermes wallets are perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, as they are easily replaced if lost or damaged. Go ahead, treat yourself without the bank account guilt with a luxurious alternative to the Hermes Kelly Wallet.

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